Sodium valproate for epilepsy

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  • Read the information leaflet from inside your pack. It will tell you how to take the brand of sodium valproate you have been given.
  • You will need to have regular blood tests while you are taking sodium valproate.
  • Do not suddenly stop taking this medicine as this may cause your symptoms to return.
  • If you develop abdominal pain, sickness, jaundice or unexplained bruising or bleeding, tell your doctor straight away.

About sodium valproate

Type of medicine Antiepileptic
Used for Epilepsy
Also called Convulex® (as valproic acid)
Epilim®, Epilim Chrono®, Epilim Chronosphere®, Epilim® EC
Epival® CR
Available as Tablets, and oral liquid
Modified-release tablets, capsules, and granules

Sodium valproate works by stabilising electrical activity in the brain, and so reducing fits.

There is also a medicine with a similar name which is used in the treatment of bipolar disorder. There is a separate information leaflet called ‘Semisodium valproate for bipolar disorder’ which explains about this.


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