Haloperidol depot injection

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  • Your doctor or nurse will inject haloperidol depot deep into a muscle. A single dose will normally last for one month.
  • Keep your regular appointments for this treatment.
  • There are a number of side-effects that you may experience from this treatment. If you are concerned about any of these, discuss them with your doctor.

About haloperidol depot injection

Type of medicine Antipsychotic depot injection
Used for Schizophrenia and other mental health problems affecting thoughts, feelings and behaviours
Also called Haloperidol decanoate
Haldol DecanoateĀ®
Available as Injection

Haloperidol is used to treat mental health problems which affect the way you think, feel or behave. These problems may make you hear, see or sense things that are not there, or believe things that are not true, or feel unusually suspicious.

Haloperidol depot Injection is a long-acting form of haloperidol that is injected into the muscles of the buttocks. From there, haloperidol slowly enters the rest of the body so that its effects can last up to 4 weeks.


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